Landscape workshop in old Safed – water colors
October 19-20, 2016
$  ($  deposit)

Painting class in the narrow streets old Safed. 

The workshop includes demonstrations and teachings of drawings, composition and paint application. Suitable both for beginners and advanced.   

List of Materials:

  • Paintbrushes: natural sable, round – nos. 6,8,10.
  • Paintbrush: flat, 1” or more, wide natural sable or synthetic.
  • Paintbrush: liner (RIGGER) – no. 0.
  • Pencils: 2B, HB.
  • Eraser for pencil, and knife for sharpening pencils.
  • Paper for watercolors, in sheets or block. Preferably 300gr, at least quarter sheets (35×25 cm).
  • Paper masking tape – not transparent!
  • Watercolors: special boxes with square or oblong pans that can be interchanged, from the following companies: DALER ROWNEY, WHITE NIGHT, WINSOR & NEWTON. 
  • Not watercolors in round pans!!!                        
  • Watercolors in tubes, high quality. From the companies listed above: they are the professionals.
  • Natural sponge, roll of Viva paper (paper towel roll).
  • Water bowl – preferably two. Can be a square plastic dish!
  • Masking fluid – and a small paintbrush, not in the best of states, for use with the fluid.
  • A used toothbrush.


Waterpaint in Tubes:

  • Cadmium Lemon, Cadmium Yellow Pale, Yellow Ocher
  • Cadmium Red, Alizarin Crimson, Permanent Rose
  • Cerulean Blue, Prussian blue, Ultramarine Blue
  • Viridian Green, Sap Green
  • Raw Umber, Burnt Umber
  • Payne’s Gray, Ivory Black
  • Minimum enrollment requirement for all studio workshops is 5. Students will be notified if this number is not reached 60 days before the first day of class. At that time, they will be given the choice of either enrolling in another workshop, availability permitting, or having their payment refunded. Students may continue to apply to workshops even after the deadline and through the first day of the course.

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