The Introductory Painting Course

is intended for students without previous experience, or for those with little experience of painting, interested in developing their talents and attaining basic grounding in the subject.

The principle aim of the course is to improve power of observation, to shorten the process of transferring the visualized onto paper, and to enhance artistic ability, using the tools available.

The course is designed so the student works through a series of drawing and painting exercises constructed in linear fashion: the experience becomes increasingly complex and enjoyable as the course progresses. 

The course itself is divided into two equal parts, each of seventeen lessons. The first part is completely dedicated to the basic elements of drawing, and the second part, to the fundamental principles of painting.

In the first part, the media used are charcoal and pencil, and the subjects studied are contour drawing of a shape, the creation of volume, light and shade, perspective, texture, composition etc.

The required skills are acquired through still life drawing, cast drawing, copying drawings of master artists, portrait drawing, and model drawing.

The second part of the course presents the students with the possibilities of painting in oils. The first exercises are painted in black and white and great emphasis is placed on paint-mixing on the palette and reaching a graded scale of nine shades that can be easily reproduced.

In this part we work on subjects such as still life with three-dimensional objects, different textures, and utilize black and white photographs, graphic sources and portrait painting in black and white.

The last part of the introductory course focuses on demonstrating and practicing painting using a limited selection of colors.

Graduates of the introductory course will have gained a basic understanding of the process of painting, and are then able to continue to the Painting Course.