Amir Nir received his Master’s Degree (cum laude) in 2003 from the Figurative School of the New York Academy of Art. There, he studied primarily under Vincent Desiderio, Stephen Assael and Dan Thompson, as well as John Horn, Patrick Connors, Martha Mayer Erlebacher, Wade Schuman, Edward Schmidt, Jon de Martin, John Jacobsmeyer and Peter Cox.

In 2002, he studied Ecroche with Frank L. Porcu at the Art Students League of New York, and participated in a summer painting course with Costa Vavagiakis there.

During 2000, Amir studied with Lennart Anderson and Leonid Lerman in Umbria, Italy. He spent one year at the Stuttgart Academy of Art in Germany, studying figure drawing and etching in 1989. Amir Nir graduated from the Tel-Hai Art Center (Israel) in 1984.

During the past several years Amir Nir has exhibited at the New York Academy of Art, Bar- Davud Art Museum, the Israeli Parliament, the Yo-Na Art Gallery in Tel Aviv, the Haifa Center (“Stone for Peace” show), the Upper Galilee Center, Beit HaOmanim in Jerusalem, as well as at the municipality building in Stuttgart, Germany. In 2003, Amir was awarded a grant from the New York Academy for traveling and studying art in American museums. In 1988, he received a scholarship to study in Germany, and in 1986 he won the second prize of the Ron Adler Fund in Haifa (Israel) and from the American-Israeli Cultural Foundation’s Sharett Fund. In 2003-2004, Amir taught painting and portraiture at Marymount College in Manhattan. During 1989-2000, he taught painting, drawing and printmaking at Tel Hai Art College (Israel). While in the USA, in addition to teaching, Amir Nir had several portrait commissions in both New York and Miami. Amir Nir’s latest and perhaps most exciting venture took place in 2005, when he opened an innovative figurative school in Hagoshrim, which is located in the Upper Galilee region of Israel.