The Academy

The Academy of Figurative Art’s founding purpose is to equip students with the tools required for figurative painting.

The program enables its students to reach a very high technical level in this style. The guiding philosophy ascribes supreme importance to the direct observation of nature and its depiction in painting.

The academy is located in a particularly beautiful area, at Kibbutz HaGoshrim in the northern Hula Valley, surrounded by lush greenery, near the Dan and Banyas rivers, and between the snowcapped Hermon Mountain to the east and the green Naftali Hills to the west.

A coffee corner and library are available in the spacious studio where the students meet and work, engaging in painting and drawing still life subjects, classic sculpture, live models and portraits. 

The curriculum is designed in stages so that students progress at the right pace for each individual, moving from one stage to the next, as they are ready.Exercises are built in sequence, with the aim of learning to create figurative art. Attention is placed on studying and understanding all essential stages, from a quick sketch to the completed painting.

The academy provides its students with personal attention, and focuses on the specific stage of progress of each individual. Open dialogue, support, and encouraging each student to realize his or her personal potential and unique capabilities, are fundamental aspects of the school. Its inspiration is drawn from contemporary academic programs throughout the world that concentrate on figurative art as it has developed since the Renaissance period in Italy. The academy is known for its very special atmosphere, and for providing inspiration, interchange of ideas and an exciting process, at the end of which every student can express his or her artistic aspirations, in painting.